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Idolatry & The Heart

At Friday Night last night we spent some time in discussion after watching the Worship: God Transforms sermon. The main topic was about idolatry, the fact that our hearts are “idol factories,” and are, like the hymn Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing says, “prone to wander…prone to leave the God [we] love.” The two passages of Scripture that we read to contrast worship and idolatry were Jeremiah 2:12-13 and John 4:13-14.

While I won’t rehash what idolatry is, I will point you to some helpful resources that help identify and tear down the idols that we so easily create and tolerate. I would encourage you to spend time using these resources in concert with the Scriptures and prayer and may God help us bind our hearts to Him in faithful and joyful obedience.

The Idol Factory– Pastor CJ Mahaney- A 3 part sermon series that aims to define, discern, and destroy the false gods in our lives. Sovereign Grace Ministries has also provided an extremely helpful outline of these mesages, with lots of relevant Scripture passages, quotes and application question. CJ also preached a message entitled Discern Your Heart that is a summary of all three messages.

Identifying and Tearing Down Idols of the Heart- Pastor Kenneth Maresco

Dealing With Personal Idols– Pastor Darrin Patrick- A gentle but very convicting sermon that helps evaluate the desires in our lives, general or specific, that can take the place of Jesus as the Lord of our hearts and desires.

Idolatry- Pastor Mark Driscoll- The first message from the Continuous Worship conference, held in 2007. Video/Audio

Quest for More– Paul David Tripp- This book (that I am currently reading) isn’t entirely about idolatry, but Tripp is excellent at identifying idols of the heart and how to biblically deal with those idols. There is also a companion study guide for the book and a video where Tripp talks about the book. Highly recommended!


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