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Unceasing Worship & Harold Best

Here’s a few more resources regarding worship and idolatry from author Dr. Harold Best.

Dr. Harold Best Homepage– articles, bio, etc.


Unceasing Worship– Harold Best- Widely respected as one of the foremost thinkers and practitioners in his field, Best explores the full scope of worship as continuous outpouring in all settings and contexts. With careful exposition and eloquent analysis, Best casts a holistic vision for worship that transcends narrow discussions of musical style or congregational preference.


Continuous Worship: Is “Worship” the Only Word for Worship?- audio/video

Continuous Worship: Jesus the Sole Mediator of Worship and the Helplessness of Music- audio/video

The Arts in Worship: Can’t Art Just Be Art?

Art For The Church; Art From The Church, Art Facing The Church

What Creative People Can Learn From The Creation


Worship: God Transforms

Author Harold Best defines worship as: “Worship is the continuous outpouring of all that I am, all that I do and all that I can ever become in light of a chosen or choosing god.”

The biblical word for worship is also sometimes translated “sacrifice.” This insight is helpful because what we make the greatest sacrifices for reveals what we truly live to glorify and worship. For example, if we eat and drink in excess, we are worshipping our stomach and sacrificing our health. If we sacrifice relationships with God and people for a hobby (e.g., sport, music, craft), then we are worshipping that hobby. If we are giving our bodies to sexual sin, we are worshipping sex and/or another person whose glory is our highest aim, sacrificing holiness and intimacy with God in the process. In short, we give our time, energy, body, money, focus, devotion, and passion to that which we glorify most and make sacrifices to worship that person or thing. Because we were made for the express purpose of worshipping God, everyone is a worshipper. The only difference is who/what we worship. (from Vintage Jesus, Chapter 9)

Join us tonight, June 20th, at 244 Berding Street in Ferndale for the eleventh message in Mars Hill Church‘s Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe series, entitled Worship:God Transforms. Dinner begins at 6:00, teaching begins around 7:00. Childcare will be available.

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