A Good Book To Read: Just Do Something

The Friday Nighters like to read books and from time to time, I like to share  book recommendations. You can look at those books on this page.

Today I wanted to highlight a great little book called Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach To Finding God’s Will, written by Kevin DeYoung. I was given this book by pastor/blogger/good guy Justin Buzzard and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

DeYoung (who is senior pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan) tackles a question that plagues Christians often: “How do I know what God’s will is for my life?”  DeYoung takes the refreshing stance that hyper-spiritual approaches to finding God’s will don’t work. Instead the author counsels Christians to settle down, make choices, and do the hard work of seeing those choices through.

DeYoung accurately points out that Christians like to tinker with everything: church, relationships, jobs, etc. Consequently, they worry that they might not be in God’s perfect will for their lives and often make radical life shifts to hopefully get “back on course with God’s will.” Or—even worse—they don’t do anything, waiting for clear, direct, unmistakable direction from God.

This was a great read; it was brief, biblical, and often humorous. I am glad to recommend it, particularly for young readers in the teens/early 20’s, but the subject matter applies to all ages.

You can also hear a talk that Kevin DeYoung gave on this subject here (mp3).

Also, here’s an interview that the Vitamin Z blog did with DeYoung regarding this book.


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